Sonnet II Coffee How Do I Love Thee?


I sing a song of coffee laced with jive,

A lyric conjured fresh from beans and need.   

Stirred up by honeyed dash of gleeful guile

And brewed in mugs with fragrant, dreamy greed.

Baristas’ blends - robust, complex, divine -

Beguile with shine and spice, enticing thirst.

And I, bewitched by heady haze - sublime,

Imbibe with fervent mind engaged, submersed

In liquid lust for java jolt of joy.

To leap awake with tongue alive, suffused 

With mocha-fueled barrage of happy noise.

I croon- provoke, emote, invoke, infuse - 

Unleashed, I gush espresso-scented praise -

Unfiltered buzz in caffeine -laden daze.

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