Puppy Sitting

The windows flung wide, chewies and poems tossed aside

as rain rushes down and down to bless the pine trees

We pause, puppy and I, to taste the green that eases

the air between dripping sky and puppy fluff

that sprinkles our sofa and rugs and rhymes

It is sublime, this moment free of time Just us sitting and sitting by the singing rain of spring


Somedays the sun hangs listless

Half-lit, tilting toward nothing but sky

limning only the tips of clouds.

Beneath, bird breasts gleam flat matte 

They offer blurred paeans on

fluttering wings, held breathless 

behind sluggish glass. Restless.

Maybe we can breathe for them

Just whisper a bubble of faith 

Until the sun remembers  The taste of summer breeze on its fiery tongue

The Things Left Behind

His sock hangs off the edge of bed, 

rumpled sheets flinging

it aside long-legged jeans peek out 

from the pillow, unfluffed 

and lean, a blanket trails a blue 

question mark on the floor.

A journal spills interrupted dreams 


books dribbling pages littering pencils

So quiet

only a sigh of wind whispers behind the curtain

Ghostly motion

unbodied motion  Holding its breath in the empty room