sunset at sea

All day the sun had danced on these fledgling waves

jagged hillocks gleaming like rumpled silk

limning the peaks and valleys the ridges and folds with silver glints of fire. 

Now as the sun retreats to gild the hills  

the waves rekindle its fevered touch

tamping it down to drown in fathomless depths

Swallowing it whole to sink below wrinkled water

to resurface as hammered silver jewels A burning grace


it sits on the tongue 

coats it sunny yellow

buttery melt lusciously sweet

it licks the back of bare knees 

a puppy kiss of ticklish bliss

mornings it teases the lips

tingles them pink

savory sip potently deep

middays it warms the arms

with azure breeze

breathily etched, sunnily fresh

twilight it bedazzles the eyes

in winking skies

shimmery swing radiantly bling 

it babbles it sings 

it chimes it rings 

this flagrant fragrant chorus we sing happy  

Oaks Bottom Bog

emerald womb, wet, fecund, 

seizing sun’s fertile light 

grazing roots of thought, soft,

tendrils glazing duckweed floats

quickening flow of blood and dew 

to open our throats like the Pacific chorus frogs 

who burp songs where they sit 

and loosen our bent wings to flit and dip

like wrens and wood ducks come to sip

birthed whole and well in this wild 

where green sings

in radiant elvish tongue hallowed tune

Daylight Fireworks

For I shall take my summer’s ease beside

these trees, whose teasing limbs unscroll to reach

my filigreed railing perched on high,

Their piney fingers teasing, trailing, to beseech

And beckon me to conjure wings and fly

with hummingbirds, goldfinches chickadees, jays.

in raucous, rowdy glee, winging sparks aloft

as we  flicker, twitter, glitter the ruckling sky

with sizzling  pink, and brilliant  blue.

And ignite excite the brooding clouds with blazing hue. Daylight Fireworks

Sneakers the Rocket Kitty

Sneaker-feet poised, tail aloft, she pauses on the top step

Surveying her domain. The space she must conquer.

Eyes slit to sapphire gleam

Jeweled vision engaged 

She harnesses lurking breath, bewitches the air.

In a whisker twitch

she launches into the firmament she conjured,

The narrow stairwell stretched to infinite longevity.

Fleet feet winged with feline need.

She descends, traversing space at warp speed superluminal impulse

and propels her nine pounds of boundless bundled gravity into the oak door


Sleek tail curled in the shape of satisfaction

She sashays away 

Surveys her domain Conquered.



All ashes and ache, 

I hover beneath the loose blue lake of sky.

where crow wings sing like slick of oars

And fireflies light their goblin torches, flit and flick 

of darkling gleam. 

Backlit clouds scull across the sky,

streaming a higgledy-piggledy calligraphy of runes 

to untether my scuttled hope and

sweeten my ale to caramel cream.

Summer in Motion

A gabble of petals, a ramble of leaves, a scramble of stems

blooming full tilt in the vase, drifting sideways, bending, leaning, 

loosening leaves, drizzling petals 

that soften the table with pastel drifts sweet as first snow 

butter cream daisies, blushing roses,

winter white dahlias

stirring the air with the sway of porch swings and  

hammocks and rowboats and floating fishing string Summer panorama of motion


Ah, bliss
Just a whiff of mist rising
licking my waiting lips.
This fragrant kiss
too rich to resist.
still I linger
Watching a finger of steam rise,
A swirling cirrus blurring the blue
And lifting my eyes
to rippling sky loud with clouds
tossing sparrow song, crow clamor
and inner chatter
A moment of wonder
winging, singing, flinging me
into caffeinated gratitude.
Ah, bliss.