Glory Be for Fleeting Things

Glory be for fleeting things For fractious winds that shred 

the tips of clouds 



across the blue.

For swift sparrows that flit


from twig to limb to leaf to sky.

For puff of dandelion fluff

and zing of dragonfly wing.

Fleeting things please us,

Tease us,

Appease our need

To achieve the sky.


 I dreamed a dream of frosted trees,

Staunch beside

  a lacy stream.

-of foxes stirring

and redwings blurring-

Bunnies furred with

 winter deep.

And flutter of flakes

 to glaze my sleep.

Slow Light

Let me slip beneath the lucid blue

to stay among the liquid clouds

that seep and strew

below the reeds.

I’ll wrap my ribs in wisps of white,

and bathe my feet in mare’s tail brume,

Then soak in stolen sky.

Let me bask

inside this pearly pond

where light pours 

sweet and slow.

a prism

to refract my soul.