We are Pendulous

Time braids our bodies to earth

sticky spider silk

plaiting minutes in pouches

dangling like bushtit nests

caressed by wind and rain

ephemeral as buttercups

fleet as the crows at dinnertime

in a leaf-fat autumn dusk.

We are pendulous

expressions of the endless now  possibility.

Rulers on the Rampage or Time Will Tell

Those flagrant vines, all piss and breeze  -    

-The rich and rapacious weeds who prevail  

upon the bony arms of limping trees

to shelter their limbs that clutch and flail

at meager branches grown from wintering roots,   

and seek the summer’s sap in lifeless mud.             

Beleaguered fibers thirsting for green of shoots

to feed the brazen thrust of greedy leafy buds,

all doomed to never bloom, yet sprouting creepers 

who finger fragile core of fleshy fruits

where sleeping seeds burrow ever deeper

awaiting release from suckering brutes.

But love quickens Gaia’s feracious womb where seeds erupt to smother weeds’ voracious bloom.