Water Lilies Ballet

Water Lilies Ballet

A frolic of dustlight

a merriment of sunlight

slowly deliquesce 

into arabesques of color

violet shimmer, cobalt gleam

cadmium yellow, viridian green 

tonal mist glimmers the air 

a playful pirouette of pigment

sending sense of sunlight asunder

Yet below, quiet wonder,

a muted requiem of hue

cobalt swirls with palest blue

vermillion fades to rose

A delicate dance

in shadowed depths

Sunlight plundered.

Coffee Solitude


Ah, bliss

Just a whiff of mist rising 

licking my waiting lips.

This fragrant kiss

too rich to resist.

still I linger

Watching a finger of steam rise,

A swirling cirrus blurring the blue 

And lifting my eyes

to rippling sky loud with clouds 

tossing sparrow song, crow clamor

and inner chatter


A moment of wonder

winging, singing, flinging me

into caffeinated gratitude.

Solitude Ah, bliss.


He poured umbra over his shoulders sluicing color off his back to puddle languidly in desolate corners and seep soundlessly away spilling frail filaments of lost light his grief made lucent

Eurydice's Crow

on lusty scrape of wind, she soars to settle, hushed,   

too dense with lilt of pine and sun to rise anew 

her satin feathers rest yet fluoresce air, unrushed, 

with languid fragrant breath of slow perfume

tainted wild and wrestled from wind and shadowed sky

and froth of flagrant tempests yet to bloom

she’s harbinger, soul-singer, soothsayer, spy our mothers’ muse shining through stygian gloom.