If I Could Muster Faith Enough

Spin and drift and catch the wind

against a flat unbroken sky.

Sweep clean the attic of your mind;

-  Refresh the glimmer in your eye

Stay aloft among the crows

That crease the wind and shatter calm.

Ride the sky and listen close 

And open your throat to joyous song. 

Then fling your arms to reach the stars

And dance amid their ancient light

Invite their glow into your heart,

And gather forth your inner might.

If I could muster faith enough

To trust in god with simple grace

I’d free my soul to soar aloft

And greet the angels face to face

But I believe in sun and rain,

And trust in birds and buzzing bees.

I pray before the restless wind 

And raise my praise up to the trees. 


  1. I love this. I am reminded of the Canticle of Francis of Assisi, Brother Sun and Sister Moon. He found God in creation. As, I believe, you do as well. It is so easy to take the beauty of nature for granted, you never have.


Thanks for writing!