Our John Lennon


Wretched and sweet, sardonic,


Our veins thrummed to his moods,

we danced to his mind.

Tall and sweet-lipped, moody,

-so pale-

We measured his swagger

with our every exhale.

We rocked to raw angst,

Staggered to cruel riffs,

We giggled and blushed, so girlish,

- such bliss-

He syncopated our joy,

Wailed loud our pain,

Our fears made electric-

He hummed through our veins.

Our personal guru,

A primal scream so wise -

-we believed

We could break

from the weight of his sighs.


  1. Every October 9th and December 8th, I will return to this and smile with a tear in my eye.

  2. John Lennon and you live together in my mind


Thanks for writing!